Our Story

Joule$ (CEO)

JOULE$ (THE Hood Shaman) is a name that has reached many corners of the world. Born in San Salvador, El Salvador but originating out of the Dallas-Fort Worth neighborhoods of Arlington, Texas. At the current age of 25, his lifestyle, music and movement have served a huge role in not only the branding but the birth of the iii EXIST Record Label, brand & movement; a culture that explores the metaphysical realm more so than the physical. JOULE$ love for spirituality, natural herbal remedies, psychedelics, and other interests are all things which could be seen as forms of energy exchange or shamanistic experiences. His curiosity for psychedelics broke him through into what he calls Progressive Psychedelic Trap. His video for one of his earlier tracks “CHI” which caught the attention of the world introduced and gave him more exposure to the world branding JOULE$ as a spiritual leader of the conscious youth. Spreading not only positivity and knowledge but also the power of the mind and how one can speak things into their own existence. Aside from speaking things into existence, his teachings overall derive from the esoteric knowledge of the ancient world which resonates deeply with the spiritual vessel, the merkaba (light spirit body) or the mind body and soul.

Hexagram The Dragoon (President)

Hexagram is a visionary artist hailing from Dallas, Texas. He brings emotional awakening and inspirational motivation to his listeners, delivered through his melodic vocal lines and iconic heavy metal influences. Early career experiences include guitar and vocal work in many underground heavy metal bands, as well as orchestral composition and music theory. He specializes in his unique delivery and unprecedented live performances, bringing a vibrant energy and experience to his listeners.

Kinera (Creative Director)

Kinera,  23 years old is a young artist from Slovakia a small country in Europe. Kinera has been with iiiEXIST since the beginning of 2016 and even before iii EXIST amongst the precursors of the brand. Kinera handles the sketches and illustration of designs that best visualize the concept the brand represents. Kinera has done many things including clothing, posters, equipment and even some nature projects.

Ja Burd! (Sound Alchemist)

Ja burd! is an artist hailing from northern, New Jersey. Ja burd! is critically acclaimed among the underground music scene & adored by most. Ja burd has been making music for a decade but has officially produced music for 5+ years. Ja burd! has produced for various acts such as: Joule$, 20mins till…tokyo, Trip Jones, Jspooks & 1207, Lil Traffic, Avery Sennin, Max Wells, Louis Rain, 6Glocks, Lambo Lawson, MadaraTBH, Alonzo+, Rixh!, Jay Jordyn & Many More!